MultiRio / MultiCar

MultiRio and MultiCar, on its activities of storage and loading/unloading containers, general cargo and vehicles in the Port of Rio de Janeiro, believing in the service quality importance, environment preservation and in our employees healthy and security, according to the Social Corporate Responsibility, commit to:

  • * Pursue to improve the CLIENT SATISFACTION, through agility in client service and the cargo quality and integrity safeguard;
  • *Manage the environmental issues, ensuring the ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AND PRESERVATION, POLLUTION PREVENTION and SUSTAINABLE USE of natural resources;
  • * Manage SOLID WASTE, prioritizing the non-generation, reduction, reuse, recycle, treatment and conscious disposal of solid waste;
  • * PROMOTE THE WATER CONSUMPTION REDUCTION, through water treatment and reuse;
  • * Manage Healthy and Work Safety dangers, to value and preserve well-being, PREVENTING INJURIES AND DISEASES, decreasing healthy risks and ensuring a safe working environment that encourages the personal and professional development of our employees;
  • * Strengthen the RELATIONSHIPS WITH PARTNERS AND STAKEHOLDERS, encouraging the involvement on environmental, healthy and security concerns, as well as the improvement of service quality;
  • * Improve continuously the Integrated Management System performance.

Luiz Henrique V. Carneiro
Chief Executive Officer

Review 03 – 04/03/2018

COL/Porto Resende
COL/Porto Seco Juiz de Fora


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  • Gerdau's Industrial Plant in Ouro Branco

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  • Mercedes Benz: Total Parts Inventory Control

    The logistics process, from the import of parts, until the delivery to the Mercedes-Benz factory in Juiz de Fora is made by ALB. ALB is a joint venture between Multiterminais and Schenker International, one of the largest freight forwarders in the world.

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