New Pricing Table

Starting November 6th, 2020, the MultiRio and MultiCar Pricing Tables will be updated.
You can see the new pricing table here.

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latest news

  • 1410/2020
    MultiRio invests in new Portainer Super Post Panamax

    On October 6, MultiRio new Portainer Super Post Panamax left the Shanghai factory in China. Read more

  • 1509/2020
    Carriers using the Port of Rio de Janeiro must register with the new computerized access system for Docas

    Measure reduces permission waiting time from up to seven days to just seven hours. Read more

  • 0809/2020
    'Rua Walls' project will transform the walls of the Port of Rio de Janeiro into art

    The action also has a social responsibility bias in the surrounding communities. Read more

  • 0709/2020
    Several renowned artists are giving a new face to the centenary Port of Rio de Janeiro

    Multiterminais is pleased to be one of the sponsors of this initiative - contributing to our wonderful city. Read more

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