New Pricing Table

From December 20, 2023, the MultiRio and MultiCar Pricing Tables will be updated.

You can see the new pricing table here.

One of Brazil's largest marine ports, dry ports and
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  • 2208/2023
    Multiterminais' new social green garden

    With the aim of encouraging its Employees to eat healthier, Multiterminais will implement the SOCIAL GARDEN PROJECT. Read more

  • 1602/2023
    15 years of recycling

    Recycling waste represents significant reductions in the environmental impacts of our activities. Read more

  • 0509/2022
    Stahllog is a two-time winner of Ternium's Safe Supplier Award

    Stahllog has reached a historic milestone by being recognized for the second time in a row as a safe supplier. The achievement was thanks to a joint effort between employees and leadership. Read more

  • 1608/2022
    Multiterminais visits Exolgan in Buenos Aires

    Multiterminals visits Exolgan's container terminal in Buenos Aires, sharing knowledge. Read more

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    28/11/2023 | 11:00
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