With an increase in ship size and new demand generated by Brazil´s economic growth, the Multiterminais Group invests in the expansion of its container and vehicle terminals in the Rio de Janeiro Port.

The MultiRio Container Terminal and MultiCar Vehicle Terminal have planned investments of R$500 million, which include new buildings and new equipment.

MultiRio will have its quay extended to 800 meters. Various buildings will be constructed, such as new warehouses, a new office building and 10 new gates.

The MultiCar Vehicle Terminal will have its quay extended to 360 meters and a Dolfim will be added. Also, a new parking garage will be built, among other buildings.

A total of 30 new RTGs will be ordered (6 already purchased and operational) and 5 Super Post Panamax Portainers (2 already purchased and operational) in order to more efficiently serve our clients.

Construction of the quay extension has already begun. Other parts of the expansion plan are in project phase.

Special attention has been paid to sustainability practices, not only in the purchase of electric equipment which will reduce CO2 emission, but also in the construction processes of new quays and buildings, which observe best practices for reducing environmental and social impacts of the operation.

Below, you can see some relevant data concerning the expansion plan.


Current After Expansion Increase
Quay (m) 533 800 50%
Static Capacity (TEU) 18,000 28,000 56%
Annual Capacity (TEU) 670,000 1,000,000 49%


Current After Expansion Increase
Quay (m) 180 360 100%
Static Capacity (Vehicles) 7,000 12,000 71%
Annual Capacity (Vehicles) 240,000 326,000 36%


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